How Can We Help You?

We offer image copyright owners a service that enables you to be compensated for the illegal use of your images.

Our mission is to do this cost-effectively using our proprietary search technology and in-house legal expertise, and to do it ethically.

Expect outstanding support at no cost - unlike many other companies -, a ‘no cure, no pay’ approach and a success rate of up to 75%.

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Image Scans

PM’s reverse image tracking technology can scan and match your entire archive online, and even finds cropped, mirrored or retouched images. Whether your collection is ten thousand or ten million images, we have unlimited capacity. You can start by sending us a sample of your imagery and we'll provide you with a free detailed report.


PM filters your results to your specifications and our high standards. We combine intelligent automated processes with a dedicated human touch. We manually check the automated search results, filter out mismatches and flag established companies and commercial websites. We also QA the results by removing matches that can't be used, such as Pinterest or private blogs.

Customized Reporting

After we have scanned your images, you'll receive a link to your report. Thanks to the user-friendly platform, you'll be able to see where your images are being used at a glance, and you can indicate with a single mouse click whether the usage is licensed or not. We constantly rescan your archive to determine other possible infringements. And we can customize your reports any way you want.

In-house Legal

Our on-staff copyright lawyers personally handle sending out notices to commercial infringers and/or their ISP, as well as negotiating settlements and proceeding with litigation if necessary. Our attorneys always proceed in accordance with the highest ethical standards to ensure the best claims resolutions.

New Revenues

PM helps you protect your assets, recover lost royalties and generate a new and stable income stream. Because we constantly scan for new infringements, you will receive a steady stream of licensing fees from infringers using your content illegally.


Outsource policing your images to us, so you can focus on what you are good at: being creative. You'll save time and effort and get the money you're owed. And be honest: wouldn't you rather spend your valuable time taking photographs, rather than tracking down the illegal use of them?

Protect your visual assets. Choose PM.