Your Partner for Copyright Protection

Achieve higher returns with less effort.

Photo by Brooke Cagle

Permission Machine resolves your copyright infringements in an ethical way.

Permission Machine offers image copyright owners a service that enables you to be compensated for the illegal use of your images. At no cost to you.

Our combination of state-of-the art tracking technology, manual checks and in-house legal expertise guarantees the quality of each case, resulting in a higher success rate.

What We Offer You

Image Scans

PM’s tracking technology scans and matches your entire online archive, and finds even cropped, mirrored or retouched images.


PM filters your results using automation with a human touch. We filter out mismatches and flag established companies and commercial websites.


Find out at a single glance where your images are being used through our free customized reports.

In-House Legal

Our in-house lawyers handle sending out notices to commercial infringers and/or their ISP, negotiate settlements and litigate if necessary.

New Revenues

Protect your visual assets, recover lost royalties and generate a new and stable revenue stream.

Thanks to the subsidy 'Special export support corona' from FIT Flanders, we can restart our plans that were previously canceled by Covid-19. Thanks to this support from FIT Flanders, internationalization can get a boost again.