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mediates in copyright infringements

A picture is worth a thousand words.

That’s why we love to share and publish them so much. But images also represent income for photographers and other creative minds, and are therefore protected by copyright. Copyright ensures that creators can be properly compensated for their work. And that’s where Permission Machine comes in.

Headquartered in Belgium, Permission Machine is active worldwide and falls under the supervision of Belgium’s Directorate General of the Economic Inspectorate. Using a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and quality controls, our team of experts tracks our clients’ visual material online. While most websites license their visual material correctly, copyright can sometimes be forgotten. If this is the case, you may stumble into a dispute with a photographer who expects compensation for the use of their work.

When a photographer indicates that the use of an image isn’t permitted, Permission Machine’s legal specialists take an in-depth look at the matter and assess whether a copyright infringement has occurred. Where they believe that to be the case, they try to reach an amicable settlement for the dispute.

Here are just a few of our partners
who put their trust in Permission Machine


"We have had a satisfactory partnership with Permission Machine since 2016. The platform is very user friendly and easy to work with for us. Image theft is unfortunately rampant in our sector and monitoring it proved too time-consuming and costly for us, which in turn exacerbated the image theft. Thanks to Permission Machine’s approach, image theft is down in several countries and the licensing fees we missed out on have been more than made up for. If you, like us, have a large image database, we highly recommend getting in touch with Permission Machine."
"The European Pressphoto Agency's (epa) daily production of over 2000 news images reaches the global market mainly through our shareholders and distributors. The copyright protection of our images demands a very delicate approach as so many partners are involved in the licensing of the epa photography. With Permission Machine we found the right partner: Finding an infringement is just the starting point of the process. Permission Machine brings each infringement into a satisfactory solution."

Photographer or agency?

Our specialised team can help you determine and resolve copyright infringements.