Je ziet vaak een copyright vermelding staan, maar is dit verplicht? Het antwoord is nee. Copyright is een recht dat automatisch wordt toegekend vanaf het moment dat de sluiter sluit. Je hoeft niets te registreren of je copyright op te eisen. Het behoort bij wet aan jou toe. Een foto zonder copyright vermelding is nog […]

Rihanna has won a law suit against Topshop over a T-shirt using her photo. The T-Shirt featured a photo of her taken in Northern Ireland during the filming of her “We Found Love” music video in 2011. High Court Judge Justice Birss ruled that fans would be deceived into buying the T-shirt because of the “false belief” […]

The use of thumbnails without the permission of the owner of the copyrights is illegal according to the Court of Amsterdam (ruling). In this case, the website placed about 200 nude photos of “Van de L.” online without her permission. The thumbnails linked to third party websites. The judge ruled that it concerned the […]

Your designer included great photos in your website. They are fun and make your site look great. You are happy, but if the photos aren’t cleared, probably not for long. Did you inquire where he got those photos and whether he obtained permission to publish them on your site? Few design agreements address this question, […]

Is a dog copyright protected?

  • By: Ywein Van den Brande
  • Legal

Is a dog protected by copyright? We receive strange questions … But also strange questions deserve an answer.