The photos on your website are your liability

  • By:Ywein Van den Brande

Your designer included great photos in your website. They are fun and make your site look great. You are happy, but if the photos aren’t cleared, probably not for long.

Did you inquire where he got those photos and whether he obtained permission to publish them on your site? Few design agreements address this question, with a cease and desist or takedown notice as result.

The designer choose this photo” is not a legal defense to copyright infringement. You are liable for the photos on your website, whether you selected them personally or not.

So when you make an agreement with your web designer, make sure (1) to inquire where he gets his photos and (2) that he is contractually obliged to compensate you in case of copyright infringement.

I hope this is useful. Enjoy your photos,

PM Team

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